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GDD 4: Seattle, Washington, USA

hosted by Michelle Kelley

9-12 May 2007

The fourth dialogue was meant to take place in Oaxaca, Mexico in January 2007, but due to civil unrest, it was shifted to Seattle in May 2007, hosted by Michelle Kelley.

Here is a collective story of what happened, from the participants themselves:


“Once upon a time, there was a happy band of 19 diversity practitioners, who came from all over the world to …share their professional strengths, their professional frustrations, reconnect with friends/family, but most of all, to share their stories… Their stories were diverse – there was pain and suffering, struggles for identity, trying to fit in, but also strength and triumph and most of all compassion and empathy….


…..we were all connected by invisible threads that traverse time and distance. One such thread for the happy band was Jeremy, who linked them all, who made them feel valued and welcome, who trusted them to be real and be present, and because of this generosity created a unique, safe, happy, loving, warm, and inspirational place to learn and share. The Band of Nineteen are better people, personally and professionally, than they were before Seattle. 


… It all started with a wonderful dinner with lots of food and conversation, but for whatever reason, my human chose not to invite me <snort> (Jules, the guide dog)


…like bees swarming around flowers, so we buzzed delightfully from one dialogue to the next, leaving bits of ourselves behind and collecting new bits to add to our essential nature…”


The days were filled with sunshine and flowers. We sat outside in the sun and in the shade and listened to each other’s stories. We saw how beautiful each of us is, and we admired our selves and our accomplishments. We were touched and amazed and filled to overflowing with awe and love.

Yoga, Qi Gong, Salsa dancing and slumber parties in E22! Stretched our comfort zone and energized our souls. GDD4 Family circle continues to grow wider and deeper!

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